This purpose of this site is dedicated to promoting the belief that our
veterans deserve to have their stories permanently recorded as a way
of honoring their invaluable contributions to protecting us and
preserving our way of life.  Be it the World War II veteran who went
off and saved the world (and government reports show  we are losing
at the rate of 1000+ a day and taking their stories with them), the
Korean War veteran who unfortunately has been largely forgotten,
the Vietnam War veteran who went off to an unpopular war and
sadly often came home to a type of welcome they did  not deserve,
the veterans of Desert Storm, the present Iraq/Afghanistan War and
all others who served outside these conflicts.  
By saving these stories, these veterans will never be forgotten as their
stories will always be available for present and future generations to
know and honor.   These stories are a very important part of history
and must be saved before they are lost forever.

The mission of this website is three-fold in nature:
1) To pay tribute to past and present veterans.
2) Hopefully spread my strong passion and belief of the importance of
saving their stories.
3) Become a central and educational location to list resources,
exchange/share thoughts & ideas and promote other like minded sites
to help in the collection and saving of these stories and other ways of
remembering our veterans.
If you would like information on how to go about  saving the story of a
family member,  friend, neighbor, etc;  have a similar project and would
like to exchange thoughts and information; or are a veteran or know a
veteran who lives in Northern Colorado and would like to be
 please contact me.  
"Thank you for listening to
and  recording my husband's
story.  This is something he
has needed to do for a very
long time.  That night after the
interview is the first time he
has slept through the night in
60+ years"
-wife of WWII veteran
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A piece done by Channel 7 Denver on
the project
My book "Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors"
70 personal stories of veterans from my WWII interviews.
Available at,, and from your
favorite book store.  I have set up that if ordered through the
publisher, a % of proceeds will go to Honor Flight and the Veterans
Plaza -
"Click here to learn more and order"