I started saving and preserving veteran stories 10 years ago.  
It started with the perfect storm of interests: a love of history,
the enjoyment in listening to people's stories, strong
patriotism and an awe and respect for what these men and
women have done and continue to do.  I had just read Tom
Brokaw's book "The Greatest Generation" and then heard
about the Library of Congress Veteran's History Project.  I
thought, "why not try and do something on the local level?",
so I went out and bought a video camera,  contacted
veterans groups and started interviewing veterans.  It has
been a very fulfilling and fascinating project.  I initially started
out interviewing World War II veterans simply because the
clock is ticking with this group, but want and will interview
any veteran.  The main objective in my mind is to make sure
their story is down on permanent record for them and their
families to always have.  A second objective (only with their
permission) is to donate a copy to the local library or
museum, as well as such places as the Library of Congress
and the National World War II Museum so that present and
future generations will know and honor these stories as
well.  In doing these interviews, I have tried to go after the
human experience and perspective.  Having this adds an
additional dimension to the facts and figures we already
have.   I simply believe these stories are an important part of
history that need to be saved before they are lost forever.     
- Brad Hoopes
Northern Colorado Veteran History Project

2009 Community Civic Service Award by Group Publishing

Channel 7 Everyday  Hero Award 2014

Partner of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project

Charter Member and Supporter of the National WWII Museum

Veterans Plaza of N. Colorado Committee Member

/guardian with the N. Colorado Honor Flight

DVD copies of interviews done have been donated to and
can be found in the following institutions:

Library of Congress Veterans History Project, Washington
National World War II Museum, New Orleans, LA
Library of the Marine Corps, Quantico, VA
Alamo Scouts Museum,  San Antontio, TX
Colorado State University Morgan Library
Loveland Museum - Loveland, CO
Fort Collins Museum - Fort Collins, CO
Clearview Library - Windsor, CO
High Plains Library - Greeley, CO
Fort Morgan Military Museum  - Fort Morgan, CO
 Public Library - Haverhill, MA
Estes Valley Library - Estes Park, CO
10th Mountain Division Resource Center - Denver, CO
Berthoud Community Library,  Berthoud, CO