Stories and Articles

An article I had published in th History Channel Magazine:
"The Soldier and the Little Girl"

Article about the project in the Colorado State Univ. Alumni magazine
"Around the Oval" Winter 2010 issue:
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Article on WWII vet reunited with Dutch friend after 65 years
Articles I wrote in the Loveland Reporter-Herald for series about
local WWII Vets:

Close Bunch  - Joseph Roberts  11/18/2010
WWII recruit was gunning for action  - Henry Yekel  11/26/2010
Committed Service  - Alexander Rothe  11/27/2010
Deep Service  - George Hekowczyk  12/6/2010
Vet puts war images in past - Frank "Sam" MacDonald  12/26/2010
War vet built better world  - David Allen  12/27/2010
Called to Serve - Loyd Johnson 1/4/2011
Vet Stumbles into service  - Dick Scholl  1/6/2011
From Kansas to the battlefield - Loren Bruns  1/8/2011
Airsickness doesn't stop vet from flying - David Landers 1/14/2011
Keeping the War mobile - Robert Todd  2/7/2011
War vet honors home front effort - Gilbert Dunning 2/21/11
Sweetheart saves veteran - George Fender 3/15/2011
Vet confronts ghosts of final combat in WWII - Daryl Haerther  4/4/2011
Obstacles didn't slow farm boy - Clarence Matheny 4/26/11
Vet survives two major events of war - Dick Breiner 5/2/2011
Vet keeps memories of 705th alive - Wayne Tennant 5/13/2011
WWII service sets life course - Donald Ratschkowsky 5/17/2011
background story to above History Channel Magazine article